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The Benefits of Email Archiving with MailStore

Email compliance and eDiscovery are crucial considerations for any organization, and Mailstore is a powerful tool that can help you to meet these requirements. MailStore is certified according to the EU's GDPR, and it offers a range of features and tools that can help you to avoid data loss, take the load off your email , and search and retrieve emails with ease.

Avoid Data Loss

One of the key benefits of using MailStore is that it helps to avoid data loss. Emails are archived the moment they are sent or received, ensuring that they are available for years to come. This means that even if your email goes down or experiences data loss, your important emails will still be available and accessible from the MailStore archive.

Reduce the Load

Another benefit is that it can help to take the load off your email . By using rules to delete emails after they have been archived, you can keep the volume of emails on your low, improving performance and ensuring that your email system remains fast and efficient.

Easily Search and Retrieve Emails

In addition to its data loss prevention and performance benefits, MailStore also makes it easy to search and retrieve your archived emails. End users can browse their email archive quickly and intuitively, and they can recover emails and their file attachments with just a single mouse-click. This makes it easy to find the emails you need, even if you don't remember exactly where they are stored.

Save Storage Space

Furthermore, MailStore can help to reduce the amount of storage space that your emails take up. The software uses de-duplication and compression techniques to ensure that data held in the archive occupies up to 70 percent less space than it would on your email . This can help to free up valuable storage space on your , and it can also improve the performance of your email system.

Respect Mailbox Quotas

Another advantage of using MailStore is that it helps to respect mailbox quotas. Once your emails have been archived, you can delete them from your mailbox, ensuring that your storage quotas are never exhausted. This can help to prevent your email system from becoming slow or unresponsive due to lack of available storage space.

Eliminate PST Files

MailStore also makes it easy to get rid of PST files. PST files can be stored in the central MailStore archive, removing the need to handle error-prone PST files on users' endpoints. This can help to improve the security and reliability of your email system, and it can also make it easier to manage and organize your email records.

Optimize Backup and Restore Processes

Finally, MailStore can help to optimize your backup and restore processes. By reducing the volume of data held on your email , MailStore can help to cut backup and restore times significantly. This can save your organization time and resources, and it can help to ensure that your email system is always available and up-to-date.


In conclusion, MailStore is a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help your organization to comply with email compliance and eDiscovery requirements. With its ability to avoid data loss, take the load off your email , and search and retrieve emails with ease, MailStore is an essential tool for any organization looking to maximize the performance and reliability of their email system.

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